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Welcome to the ​Home of Passion

This is the home of writers and readers. One Dove Ink offers a home to those with a gift to create new worlds through the pen. With a deep love of the literary arts, it is our mission to put the passion of every writer into their work and readers all around the world. With that in mind we offer a place where the two shall meet. One Dove Ink Our Motto is our promise. 

Passion in Every Word, Excellence in Every Sentence. ​​

Words From Founder, Owner, and Wordsmith

One Dove Ink is a dream on the verge of reality. I was given this blessing years ago as a young man while creating ,my first novel Sins of Luv. Having the opportunity to be published  inspired me create an opportunity for others. One Dove Ink is a place for myself and other artists to share our gifts to the world. The world is missing one crucial element...Passion. Please feel free to join in the creativity and share in the greatness. Living up to the company motto, Passion in Every Word. All work is protected and their is no stealing allowed. All artist featured give permission for their works to be posted and / or sold on this site. It is time to put an end to the "starving artist" mentality. Looking for writers, artists, and creators that need a little more help to get their work out. Please step into this world of passion.


R. O. McCray



We are constantly updating your passion fix destination. Come back and see what new creations we sharing with the world. Happy to showcase our new ONE DOVE T-Shirts, Hoodies, and our secret weapon... PNE ... Passion in a Can!


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Book Release

Dream Writer 

By R. O. McCray

What happens when the hopeless romantic finally finds love? Does he embrace it or chase it away? Can he even tell if it is real or just a fantasy? This is what happens when dreams and determination collide with the fear of failure and defeat. Forcing a man to fight for his place in this world or fall to waste side. Only time and the heart will tell what the result will be. Dream Writer is the story of Xavier, a raising artist who is lost in a world of confusion when it comes to love. Cree is the woman on a mission to conquer her dreams, but her relationship is in the way. Will their dreams bring them love or destruction?




Book Release

Night Dragon & The Shadow Wars 

By R. O. McCray

The War for New Peak City has spilled out into the world. With the lines erased and allies separated, The Shadow Protector is forced to into isolation. Now powerless and alone, Night Dragon must fight to solve the mystery of his past, present, and future... What is the path to Ascension? When the truth of his enemy and the traitor is revealed, he must decided to be himself, or be the monster hidden deep within.

Join Night Dragon as he takes his war with the Jade Samurai across the globe and into the past sins of many. It is time for the world to meet the SHADOW GUARDIANS.